Tennis players often experience fear when they are positioned close to the net and are at risk of getting hit by a fast-moving ball, particularly in the head. As a result, the natural response is to turn the head away, which can be detrimental to the player’s success in volleys.

Unlike other shots in tennis, volleys require a continuous shift in vision from a parallel to a triangular focus as the ball moves closer. To excel in volleys, players must keep the ball in front of them in their field of vision and use their eyes to track the ball’s movement. It is important to avoid moving the head because this can disrupt the player’s rhythm and cause them to miss the next shot. Instead, players should rotate their shoulders to face the incoming ball and catch it in front of them. Practicing this fundamental volley technique has an 80% success rate and can significantly improve a player’s skills.

By following these tips, players can overcome their fear of being hit by a fast ball and increase their chances of success on the court.

Keep Ball in Field of Vision
80% of Volleys: Catch the Ball in Front& Hold the Finish!