Doubles:Basic Tandem Position

The tandem position, also known as the Australian formation in doubles tennis, is like teaming up with your buddy on the same side of the court during a serve.

It’s a cool trick to mix things up and throw your opponents off their game. Here’s how you and your partner can rock this strategy:

1. Setting Up: Normally, one of you would stand at the net across from where the other is serving. In the tandem setup, you both chill on the same side. So, if you’re serving from the left (that’s the deuce side), your partner hangs out at the net on the left side too.

2. The Game Plan: The idea here is to make the returner scratch their head a bit, wondering, “What’s going on?” It narrows down their shot options and nudges them into hitting the ball where you guys are already covering.

3. Making the Move: After you serve, your net buddy who is now in the middle of the net, is all set to jump on any return that comes your way, while you hustle to cover the rest of the court. It’s all about syncing with your partner and moving fast.

4. Why It’s Awesome:
– Surprise, Surprise: It’s a fun way to catch the other team off-guard.
– Makes Them Sweat: It challenges the returner to nail a trickier down-the-line shot.
– Net Domination: Your net player gets to be a bit of a hero, ready to pounce and take control.

5. Things to Think About:
– Watch for Lobs: Just a heads up, you’re kinda asking for lobs with this one, so be ready to dash back.
– Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: You gotta practice this dance with your partner to cover the court like pros.

Using the tandem or Australian formation is a fun way to spice up your doubles game. It’s all about surprising your opponents and having a good time with your partner as you try out different tactics.