Doubles: Serve to Add Side

Serving in doubles is super important, and when you’re on the Ad side, you’ve got some cool options to mix things up. Here’s how you can shake things up with your serve:

1. Aim for the Backhand: Let’s be real, a lot of players find their backhand a bit tricky, especially if it’s a one-hander. So why not serve it to their backhand? It’s a great way to make it tough for them to hit a strong return, setting you and your partner up for a killer follow-up.

2. Go for the Body: This is about serving right at the returner. It kinda cramps their style, making it hard for them to get a good hit. Plus, it could lead to an easy ball for your partner to smash at the net. It’s like saying, “Hey, try hitting this without tripping over!”

3. Down the T: Serving down the center line (the T) on the Ad side is a slick move. It can catch the returner off guard, forcing them to use their backhand or step way out of position. Plus, it makes the court feel a bit smaller for them, which is exactly what you want.

4. Serve Wide: Stretching the returner out wide opens up the court like magic. If your partner is a net wizard, this serve sets them up beautifully for an easy point. Just be ready, as it also gives the returner a chance to hit down the line, so teamwork is key.

The trick is to keep mixing these serves up. Keep your opponents guessing, and play to your strengths and their weaknesses.

Serving smart on the Ad side can really give you an edge in doubles. Let’s ace those serves!