Doubles: Basic Volley-Ready Position

When you’re gearing up for a doubles match, getting into the perfect volley-ready stance is like your secret weapon. Here’s the lowdown on how to nail it:

Get Comfy on Your Feet: Imagine you’re bouncing lightly on your toes, feet about as wide as your shoulders. This isn’t just for looks—it makes you super agile and ready to spring into action. Bend those knees a bit to keep yourself grounded and ready to leap wherever that ball dares to go.

Racquet Ready: Keep your racquet up and in front, almost like you’re holding a shield. Chest height is perfect because you can swiftly switch to a forehand or backhand without missing a beat. It’s all about being quick on the draw here.

Eyes on the Prize: Keep those peepers glued forward, watching the ball and your opponents like a hawk. This isn’t the time for sightseeing behind you. If you turn your head, you might miss a sneaky shot coming your way—or worse, get an unexpected tennis ball souvenir. So, eyes forward, always in the game! Never look back to watch what your partner is doing!

Stay on Your Toes: Literally, be on the balls of your feet. It’s the best way to move fast and cover more ground, whether you’re darting forward to smash a volley, sidestepping to catch a wide shot, or backpedaling for those pesky lobs. Inertia kills volleys!

Talk it Up: Doubles is all about teamwork, so chat with your partner. A little “Got it!” or “Yours!” can go a long way. Plus, it’s more fun when you’re in sync and know you’ve both got the court covered.

So there you have it! This is your go-to guide for looking sharp and staying ready at the net.

Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be acing the doubles scene with your partner in no time. Stay ready, stay focused, and most importantly, have a blast out there!