Doubles: Serving Team on the Baseline

When you notice a doubles pair hanging back on the baseline during their serve, it’s usually a sign that the server’s partner might not be confident in their volleys, and the serve is just a way to get the point started.

This setup gives you a great opportunity to take control of the net and immediately dominate the middle of the court.

Your net partner should immediately move into the threatening St. Andrews position, ready to pounce.

For the receiver, you have a few return options:
– First Serve: Stick with a reliable deep return across the court to start the point, helping your partner get involved in the game.

– Second Serve: Be creative. Target the weaker player, especially if they have a weak backhand. You can hit a deep cross-court return to pull the server off the court, opening up the middle for your partner’s volley. Or, go for a short return to put pressure on the server. Another option is to hit it straight down the line and follow it to the net.

Remember, these baseline-serving pairs often have a decent lob. If your return is weak, expect your partner to be lobbed over. Stay calm and patient to reset the point given there is no net threat. Your partner should cross over but stay in St. Andrews position to remain a threat.

By understanding and exploiting this strategy, you can turn this situation to your advantage and dominate the point from the start.