Doubles: Serve to Deuce Side

When you’re playing doubles and it’s your turn to serve on the Deuce side, you’ve got some cool options to make things spicy. Think about these:

1. Go for the Backhand: Most folks find backhands a bit tricky, so aiming there can really pay off. It’s like sending a little challenge their way.

2. Aim for the Body: This is a sneaky one. Serve it right at them to cramp their style. It’s all about making it awkward for them to hit a clean shot.

3. Serve and Volley: This is where you serve and then dash to the net. It’s about putting the pressure on them right away. You’ll look super proactive, and it might just fluster them.

4. Try a Wide Serve: Stretch them out by serving wide. This opens up the court and gives you loads of space to play with. Plus, if you’re quick, you can catch them off-guard.

5. Mix it Up with a T Serve: Now and then, serve straight down the middle to keep them guessing. It’s a great way to throw them off their rhythm.

Remember, it’s all about having fun and keeping your opponents guessing. Mix up your serves, communicate with your partner, and you’ll be setting yourselves up for success. Happy serving!