Doubles: Serve to Lefty Add Side

Serving to a lefty in the doubles ad court can be a bit of a mind game, but it’s also a fantastic opportunity to use strategy to your advantage.

Here’s a friendly guide on how to do just that:

1. Aim for the T: Serving down the T (the center service line) can be super effective. This targets the backhand of a lefty player, which for many players can be a weaker return shot. Plus, it narrows down their angle to make a strong return, giving you and your partner a better chance to control the point.

2. Use a Slice Serve: A slice serve that curves away from the lefty can be your secret weapon. It pulls them out wide, opening up the court for you to exploit. If you can get them stretching for the return, you’re setting up the point in your favor right from the get-go. This serve is especially handy because it can force a weaker return, making it easier for your net player to poach.

3. Mix It Up: Don’t become predictable. Throw in some body serves now and then. Serving directly at the lefty jams them up, making it tricky for them to create a good angle or put much power on their return. It’s all about keeping them guessing and on their toes.

4. Serve and Volley: Mix in some serve and volley plays. This puts immediate pressure on the returner to hit a precise shot. Given that you’ve already got them thinking about your wide and T serves, rushing the net adds another layer of strategy they have to contend with.

Remember, the key to a successful serve strategy, especially in doubles, is variety and placement, not just power. By mixing up your serves and targeting the backhand, wide angle, and body of the lefty, you’ll keep them off-balance and set up your team for success. Plus, it’s all about having fun and staying positive out there. Keep practicing these serves, and you’ll become a doubles serving pro in no time!