Doubles: St.Andrews Cross Net Position

Ready to jazz up your doubles game? Then adopt the “St. Andrews Cross” strategy.

Picture this: you net player is like the guardian of the net, forming an X mark in the Service Box that spells trouble for anyone trying to pass them with a service return.

Why is it very effective?

It makes it super hard for your opponents to sneak any balls by you, particularly over the lowest part of the net, down the middle. By placing your partner in a strategic spot, you’re essentially setting up an invisible shield that covers all those tricky angles.

Why call it “St. Andrews Cross”? It’s all about that strategic X formation, kind of like marking out your territory. The server’s partner stands ready to spring into action, darting forward to volley, covering the net like a blanket. Besides, it speaks to Rob’s Scottish heritage!

Ramping Up the Pressure:  This approach is genius for plugging up those spaces your opponents love to aim for. With both of you dominating the net, they’re going to have to work extra hard to find any room to make a great return of service

Imagine the stress on your opponents, trying to land a perfect shot when you’re both up at the net, ready for anything. It’s a great way to nudge them into making mistakes.

Be Ready to Move: The beauty of the “St. Andrews Cross” is its flexibility. It keeps you on your toes, ready to cover more ground and jump on those returns, keeping your opponents guessing.

So, why not give it a try? It’s a great way to add some spice to your doubles play and really keep your opponents on their toes. Plus, it’s a whole lot of fun!