Doubles: Basic Wilco Strategy

Got a receiver like a Wilco getting too cozy with your serve? They typical have good eye hand skills which allows them to take the ball early and put you under pressure by taking time away from your next shot.

No worries, here’s a fun game plan to respond:

1. Aim for the T-shirt: If they’re stepping in, make them dance a bit with a serve right at them. It’s tricky for them to get a good hit when the ball’s coming straight for their body.

2. Slice it nice: Throw in some slice serves to stretch them wide off the court. It’s like saying, “Hey, you might want to reconsider standing so close!”

3. Bring the bounce: A kick serve that leaps up can really mess with their rhythm. Watch them try to handle that high bounce!

4. Keep ’em guessing: Mix up your serves like a DJ mixes tracks. Fast, slow, spin, flat—keep it fresh so they never know what’s coming next.

5. Down the middle for the win: Serving down the T can really cramp their style, especially on the ad side. It’s all about giving them less room to work with.

6. Practice makes perfect: Hit those practice serves like you’re on a mission. Aim for targets, work on your precision, and turn your serve into a secret weapon.

7. Watch and learn: Keep an eye on how they handle your serves from up close. Some shots might stump them more than others. Use that intel to your advantage!

Remember, tennis is as much about having fun as it is about strategy. So, enjoy the game, try these strategies, and let’s see if you can get that receiver to think twice about crowding your serve!