Competitive tennis revolves around offensive tactics, aiming to exploit your opponent’s weaknesses, mistakes and court positioning.

Most tennis strategies rely on the cold logic about angles, distances, speeds, and chances of success. The other important aspects are your mental state, being patient, and staying focused even when the match gets intense.

In this guide, we share the core strategies for tennis singles, doubles, and the psychological aspects of the game. These insights are drawn from a wealth of knowledge and experience from  professionals, coaches, playing partners, and close friends over a span of five decades.

Practice Makes Perfect: And here’s the golden rule – keep honing your strategies. Whether you’re working on placing your shots with precision, adding targets to your ground strokes, or perfecting that tricky slice for a net approach, the more you practice, the more of a tennis tactician you’ll become. It’s all about repetition and refinement. The more you work on your strategies and how you execute, the sharper and more effective you’ll be on the court. So, keep at it, and watch how your strategic play evolves! Enjoy the ride!!