The Tennis Parent’s Bible

Most parents spend the majority of their time, money and energy in developing their children’s fundamental strokes — focussing on ‘how to hit the ball’.

However, in today’s competitive game, a lack of success is most often the result of a lack of understanding on ‘how to play’ — to build a game based on each child’s unique set of skills: size, strength, speed.  To complete the picture, most kids come with under developed mental and emotional components — to deal with adversity, disappointments, injuries and losing.  Championship tennis is very much a microcosm of life writ large.

The Tennis Parent’s Bible (Frank Giampaolo) is designed to assist parents (and coaches) better understand the mental and emotional complexities of raising a tennis athlete. While it was published a little while ago, even so, its advice to parents remains evergreen.

It is a comprehensive guide to becoming a world class tennis parent!  Yep, parents have to learn as well!!

Yes, I definitely had to as well. One of my sons was a top ranked junior player in Australia (#1 NSW) before we moved to the US. Competitive tennis can be tough for kids!

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