How to Find a Way to Win

Mirra Andreeva somehow rallied from a 1-5 final-set deficit on Friday to eliminate Frenchwoman Diane Parry. Along the way, Andreeva tossed her racquet in disgust, and bit so hard into her left arm that she left a mark.
‘‘ At 5-1 , I don’t know, I just tried to win at least one more game to not go 6-1 , 1-6 , 6-1 . What is that score?’’ Andreeva said. ‘‘ I just tried to win one more game to at least be 6-2 in the third.
Then [at] 5-2 , she has match points. I’m going to the net. I’m thinking, ‘Am I crazy?’. I’m going to the net on match point. But then she missed a ball.
The adrenaline [kicked in], the desire, the feeling that I want to win … I feel like when you’re coming back from this score, it’s kind of easy on a mental side for you.
It’s easier than for your opponent because you’re on the run, you have all the adrenaline. That’s what I had today.’’
Now, to explain Andreeva’s bemusement towards being at the net at such a crucial moment. She ventured to that unfamiliar territory only nine times!
Source SMH 21Jan25
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