Doubles: Basic Doubles Positions – The MAGIC Diamond

In doubles tennis, getting your positioning right is like setting up for a really good party!

You want to be in the best spot to catch all the action! Imagine there’s a magic diamond on the court as shown in the pic below. This spot is where the ball loves to hang out – around 80% of shots land here! At any level of tennis!

So, here’s how you and your partner can set up to make sure you’re covering this hotspot and ready for anything:

1. Your Buddy at the Net: If you’re serving, your partner should cozy up near the net in the St Andrews position. They should be just around the middle of the service box, angled a bit towards the center. This is the sweet spot for being a threat to volley back shots and cut off those returns that try to sneak through the middle.

2. Server’s Move: After you send off your serve, hustle towards the net to join your partner. Aim to cover the half of the court opposite to where your partner is focusing. It’s all about being ready to dive into action, whether it’s for a volley or a quick move to catch a lob.

3. Opposing Net Player: The player facing the server’s partner should mirror their position. It’s like being the shadow, ready to pounce on any balls that come your way and put pressure back on the server.

4. The Returner: Standing ready to return the serve, this player needs to be on their toes, ready to sprint forward after hitting their return. The goal? Join your partner at the net or hang back, depending on how the point is shaping up.

This game plan is all about dominating that magic diamond and making sure you and your partner are the life of the party at the net.

Remember, doubles is about teamwork, pressure, and having fun while you’re at it. So get out there, cover that magic diamond, and show ’em what you’ve got!