Outplay a Double Handed Player

If you’re facing off against an opponent who’s got those trusty double-handed shots, like a two-handed backhand and maybe even a two-handed forehand, no worries! We’ve got a friendly strategy guide tailor-made for you:

1. **Keep ‘Em Moving**: Those double-handed shots might be powerful, but they can limit your opponent’s mobility. Get ’em stretching by using wide angles and sneaky short slices. That’ll show off the limits in their range.

2. **Slice It Low**: Here’s a trick – send low, skidding slices their way, especially to their backhand. Double-handed players might find these a bit tough to handle. It forces them to bend low and hit upwards, which can mess with their control and power.

3. **Mix It Up**: Don’t let ’em get comfortable. Play around with different paces and spins – try some heavy topspin, flat drives, and underspin. Keep ’em guessing and adjusting.

4. **Net Attack**: Time to put on the pressure! Charge the net, and watch your opponent scramble to make precise passing shots. Those double-handers might struggle to create those tricky angles or dips, especially when they’re under fire.

5. **Middle of the Court Magic**: Hit deep and strong shots right down the middle. This can be a real headache for players with two-handed strokes on both sides. It limits their angle-creating abilities and makes ’em work for it.

6. **Serve to Their Weakness**: Figure out which side they struggle with on the return and target it with your serve. For example, aim wide on the ad side to stretch their two-handed backhand – makes it tough for ’em to return effectively.

7. **High Bouncing Topspin**: Give ’em a dose of high topspin, especially to the backhand side. This can throw a wrench in their control game. The high bounce forces ’em into more defensive positions.

8. **Baseline Control**: Be the boss of the baseline rallies. Keep ’em on their toes by making ’em move side to side. Double-handed players love to set their feet for power, so don’t let ’em!

9. **Drop Shot Surprise**: Every now and then, toss in a drop shot to lure ’em to the net, especially if they’re not too comfy up there. It’ll get ’em out of their comfort zone and open up some opportunities for you.

10. **Ready for the Rebound**: Be prepared for their firepower. Those double-handed strokes can pack a punch, so be ready to soak it up and counter with your own depth and precision.

Remember, the secret to outplaying a double-handed player is all about making the most of their reach and mobility limits, shaking up your game to disrupt their groove, and applying pressure at just the right moments. So go ahead and use these tactics to play your best game against those double-handers!