Outplay The Big Dog

Playing against a “Big Dog” (see Glossary) on the tennis court can feel like you’re up against a superhero with all that power and strength. But don’t worry, with a sprinkle of strategy, a dash of creativity, and turning it into a running game, you can play the role of the clever sidekick who saves the day!

Here’s how to have fun outsmarting a power player:

1. Embrace Speed and Agility: Think of yourself as a nimble ninja, darting around the court with swift moves and precision. Use your agility to outmaneuver the “Big Dog,” sending them chasing after your carefully placed shots. Make it a running game to tire them out, using your speed to your advantage. It’s like inviting them to a dance-off where you lead with your best moves and keep the tempo high!

2. Mix It Up: Be the chef of the court, cooking up a delicious variety of shots. Serve them a mix of slices, drop shots, and deep balls to keep them guessing. It’s like adding different spices to a dish to make it more interesting.

3. Aim for the Backhand: If the “Big Dog” has a weaker backhand, make it your favorite target. It’s like knowing exactly where to tickle someone to make them giggle.

4. Serve With a Smile: Change up your serves with a mix of slices and kicks. It’s like playing a friendly game of hide and seek with the ball, making them run wide or deal with a bounce up high.

5. Keep Your Cool: Power players love to show off their strength, but you’ve got the superpower of calm. Keep smiling and stay composed, like you’re chilling at a beach party, even as the “Big Dog” tries to turn up the heat.

6. Play the Angles: Use angles to your advantage, pulling your opponent wide off the court. Imagine you’re playing a game of pool, aiming for that perfect angle shot that leaves your opponent no choice but to watch.

7. Be a Defensive Dynamo: Gear up your defensive game. Picture yourself as a goalkeeper, ready to dive and save every shot. Sometimes, a spectacular save can be just as thrilling as a powerful smash.

8. Save Your Energy: Treat the match like one of Larry’s fun long hikes, where pacing yourself is key. You want to be the one still bouncing around with energy when it matters most, ready to sprint up that final hill.

Playing against a “Big Dog” is your chance to shine by being the smart, agile player who uses brain over brawn. Remember, every point is a new adventure, and with your cunning strategies and making them run, you’re all set to outplay and outlast your powerful opponent. Let the games begin, and may the wits (and the endurance) be with you!