Outplay an Aggressive Baseliner Using Short and Long Combo Shots

If you want to take on an aggressive baseliner and have some fun on the court, here’s a friendly game plan for you:

1. Push ‘Em Back with Long Shots:� Start things off by hitting those deep groundstrokes, aiming close to the baseline. This will make your opponent take a step back, making it tougher for them to unleash their power. Don’t forget to mix it up by targeting both corners of the baseline to keep them on their toes!

2. Lure ‘Em In with Short Shots: Once you’ve got them at the back, surprise them with short shots like drop shots. These will bring them forward into the court and make them scramble. It can be a real game-changer, especially if they’re not comfortable moving up or aren’t the best at the net.

3. Play the Depth Game: Keep ’em guessing by constantly changing the depth of your shots. If you’ve just played a short ball, follow it up with a deep one to the baseline. This keeps your opponent on their toes and can lead to some unforced errors.

4. Spot Their Weakness: Pay attention to how they move around the court. Some baseliners are quick side to side but struggle with the forward and backward movement. Exploit this by mixing up the depth of your shots.

5. Angle It Right: Besides depth, use angles to make them cover more ground. After a few deep shots, try a sharp angle to keep them on the run, especially if followed by a deep shot to the opposite corner.

6. Mind Games Matter: Remember, this strategy isn’t just about your shots; it’s about messing with their head too. Aggressive baseliners thrive on rhythm, so keep changing things up to disrupt their flow. Frustration might just become your ally!

7. Stay Ready for Their Comeback: Be prepared for their moves. Aggressive baseliners might start expecting your drop shots and come up with a counterattack plan. So, stay nimble and be ready for anything they throw your way.

Now go out there, give it your all, and have a blast on the court!