Doubles: Basic Poaching Position

Poaching in doubles tennis is all about catching your opponents off guard and snatching points right from under their noses. It’s like being a tennis ninja – stealthy, quick, and super effective.

Here’s how you can master the art of poaching and have a blast with your partner:

1. Wink, Nod, or a Little Hand Signal: Before the ball is even in play, give your partner a secret sign to let them know you’re about to make a ninja move. It’s your little secret plan.

2. Get on Your Toes: Stand ready near the net, knees slightly bent, like you’re about to jump into action. You need to be close enough to the net to leap into your poach but also ready to dance side to side.

3. The Perfect Moment: Keep your eyes peeled and wait for that perfect moment when your opponent hits the ball. It’s all about feeling it – the anticipation, the thrill! As soon as they swing, you make your move.

4. Ninja Move: Now, dash across like the court’s your stage, racket at the ready. You’re aiming to meet that ball before it even knows what hit it. Move diagonally, closer to the net, to cut off the ball’s path.

5. Smack it Right: Aim your volley to send the ball flying where your opponents least expect it. Whether it’s a corner they’ve left open or right at their toes, make it count. Remember, the element of surprise is your best friend.

6. Quick on Your Feet: After your dazzling poach, don’t just stand there admiring your work. Get back into position and be ready for whatever comes next. You’ve got this!

7. Practice Makes Perfect: Like any awesome move, getting your poaching down takes a bit of practice. Work on it with your partner, laugh off the misses, and celebrate the wins. It’s all about the teamwork.

8. Keep ‘Em Guessing: Mix up your poaching game. Sometimes, just when they think you’re going to poach, you don’t. It’s all about keeping your opponents on their toes, wondering what you’ll do next.

Poaching is your secret weapon in doubles. It’s fun, it’s effective, and it can totally change the game. So, next time you’re on the court, remember to channel your inner tennis ninja and go for that poach!