Outplay an Aggressive Baseliner By Wrong Footing

If you want to take on an aggressive baseliner with a game plan that’s as friendly as a sunny day on the court, check out this strategy:

**Deep Shot Delight:** To start things off, aim your shots deep and true, right into the corners of the baseline. This nifty move forces the baseliner to take a step back, making it a tad trickier for them to whip up those powerful groundstrokes.

**Change It Up:** Keep your opponent guessing by changing the pace of your shots. Throw in some slower, spin-loaded shots to mess with their rhythm.

**Footwork Fun:** After firing off a bunch of deep shots to one corner, it’s time to hit them with a surprise! Imagine you’ve been targeting their backhand side; now, all of a sudden, send a deep shot to their forehand. The idea here is to catch them moving in the opposite direction, leaving them all tangled up and struggling to return your shot effectively.

**Angle It Right:** In addition to going deep, try some angled shots. These babies will pull the baseliner wide and open up the court for you.

**Stay on the Hunt:** Be ready for those shorter returns. When your opponent sends a short one your way, pounce on it! Move up and take control of the point, maybe even rush to the net with an approach shot.

**Consistency Counts:** Lastly, keep the deep shots coming and be patient. This strategy is all about chipping away at the baseliner’s game bit by bit.

Now, get out there, have a blast, and show that aggressive baseliner what you’re made of!

In this visual, you can see the positions of the two players and the trajectory of the ball, indicated by a dashed line. The player near the baseline represents the aggressive baseliner, while the other player is positioned to hit a deep shot diagonally across the court. This strategic placement and shot direction are key to executing the strategy effectively.