Outplay a Net Rusher

Taking on a net rusher in singles tennis? No problemo! Here’s a friendly guide to help you navigate their aggressive style and turn it to your advantage:

1. **Deep and On-Point Groundstrokes**: Send those groundstrokes deep, and make sure they’re accurate. This keeps the net rusher from closing in too fast. Deep shots push them back and make it hard for them to dictate the point from the net.

2. **Passing Shots for the Win**: Nail those passing shots! Develop those precise shots that go down the line or cross-court. These are your secret weapons against players who can’t resist charging the net. Mix up the pace and spin to keep ’em guessing.

3. **Master the Art of Lobbing**: Lobs are your friend. Use them strategically to make the net rusher backtrack and defend. A well-executed lob can either score you the point or put you in control of the rally. It also makes them think twice about crowding the net.

4. **Go Low and Sneaky**: Try aiming your shots at their feet with slice or low drives. Low shots are a nightmare for net rushers to volley effectively, often leading to weak returns you can capitalize on.

5. **Play with Spin and Speed**: Get crafty by mixing up your shots with different spins and speeds. It messes with their timing and footwork. Use topspin for those high-bouncing shots and slice to keep the ball low.

6. **Backhand Weakness Alert**: Many players struggle with their backhand volleys. Whenever you can, target their backhand side to exploit this common weakness.

7. **Serve to Set the Tone**: A strong and diverse serve can disrupt a net rusher’s game plan. Use your serve to your advantage, targeting their weaker side or serving wide to open up the court.

8. **Own the Center**: Hold your position around the center of the baseline to cover angles like a champ. This lets you chase down volleys and passing shots like a pro.

9. **Offensive Lobbing**: Ever heard of the offensive lob? It’s not just for resetting points; it’s for winning them! Practice those lobs with precision and just the right amount of oomph to make them unreachable.

10. **Keep Your Cool**: Net rushers love putting on the pressure and forcing errors. Stay cool, keep your focus, and wait for the perfect moments to unleash your shots.

With these strategies in your toolkit, you can go head-to-head with a net rusher and come out on top. Keep ’em on their toes, exploit their weaknesses, and make them work from the baseline. You’ve got this!