Game Changer: Lift and Carry develops control, versatility and confidence.

In yesterday’s Sunday session, it was reported Axel expressed her frustration for our “lift and carry” warm up drill.

So let’s dive a bit deeper into the WHY of our “lift and carry” technique, and why it’s CRITICAL to developing your game.

And combining various spins based on the ball’s height with “lift and carry” isn’t just smart; it’s a game-changer that adds more tools to your tool box, making you an even more formidable and strategic player.

Here’s how to develop your game with this nuanced approach:

1. Topspin Triumphs Above the Waist: When the ball is at or above waist height, unleash the power of topspin. This is your chance to create high-flying, deep shots that challenge your opponent and open up the court. It’s about using the height to your advantage, adding that extra spin that makes the ball dive into the court, pushing your opponent back and setting you up for the next shot.

2. Slice to Surprise Below the Waist: When the ball drops below waist height, that’s your cue to switch gears to a slice shot. This contrasting approach brings variety and unpredictability to your game. A well-executed deep slice keeps the ball low, forcing your opponent to adjust and often leading to awkward returns that you can attack! Plus, it’s a great way to mix up the pace, playing styles and keep your rival guessing.

Adding these various spins to “lift and carry” enhances your play in several ways:

– Enhanced Ball Control: Each type of spin requires precise racket head speed, angle, and timing. By becoming proficient in both, you refine your touch and control, allowing for more nuanced play and strategic placements.

– Tactical Versatility: Incorporating these strategies into your game plan adds more tools to your tool box. Whether you’re setting up a point with a deep topspin, playing a drop shot or making a net approach with a slice, you have more tools to construct points in your favor. It’s also particularly effective when changing court surfaces, from hard court to clay for example and developing a singles game.

– Builds Confidence on Court: Knowing when to use topspin or slice gives you a playbook for every situation. This confidence allows you to take control, whether you’re dictating the pace with a topspin drive or disrupting your opponent’s rhythm with a stealthy slice.

– Strategic Depth: This approach isn’t just about banging the ball; it’s about crafting points with purpose. By choosing the right spin for the right height, you’re thinking one step ahead, making it tougher for your opponent to predict your next move.

– Adaptability: Different situations call for different shots. By mastering both topspin and slice based on the ball’s height, you become a more adaptable player, capable of thriving in any scenario the match throws at you.

By blending “lift and carry” with the strategic use of various spins based on the ball’s height, you’re not just playing tennis; you’re playing smart tennis.

Be patient! Practice, practice, practice this approach, and watch as your game grows in complexity, making you a more complete, competitive, and unpredictable player on the court. Make every shot count and elevate your game to new heights!

Learn “lift and carry” to add more tools to your tool box.

Good luck,
Tennis Whisperer’24